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Q: Why does the Council need a refund policy?
A: As a non-profit donation based business, it is important for the Council to show fiduciary responsibility. We are obligated to use funds wisely and in the best interest of all our members, particularly our youth. It is not financially responsible to return event funds to a non-participant at a late date, because we will have spent funds on that participant. Program materials, patches, and t –shirts, for example, are ordered well in advance, and can’t be returned.

WashJam 2020 has been rescheduled to August 19 - 22, 2021.
For disposition of your registration fees, we are giving you three options:

1. Donate all or a portion of your registration fees using the refund form to Pacific Harbors Council to assist us in recovering costs and keeping Scouting strong in the Pacific Northwest.

2. Move your registration forward to next year, (preserving your 2020 early registration discounts).
  a. Requests to transfer your fees to WashJam 2021 must be submitted in writing using the refund form by August 13, 2020.

3. A full refund of your registration fees.*
  a. Requests received using the refund form no later than August 13, 2020 will receive a full refund.
  b. After August 13, 2020, any un-claimed money paid towards the WashJam 2020 event will be used to offset expenses incurred to date.

Fees from WashJam 2020 that are rolled over to 2021 fall under the Council Refund Policy, meaning once rolled over, you can still get a full refund up to August 4, 2021. If your 2020 fees are not rolled over or refunded by August 13, 2020, any un-claimed money paid towards the WashJam 2020 event will be used to offset expenses incurred to date.

* IMPORTANT NOTE ON REFUNDS: 2021 pricing will not include an 'Early Bird' discount, so if you paid the $42/$63 rate, and request a full refund, you will lose your $5 discount when buying tickets to WashJam 2021.

If you would like to receive a refund, roll over your fees to WashJam 2021, or have your registration costs donated, please submit your request on the website: and let us know which option you choose along with the name and registration ID# number(s) you received on your confirmation email if possible.

WashJam 2021 Registration Is Now Open! If you haven't signed up for WashJam yet, registration is now open for WashJam 2021, to be held in August 2021.

Q: How do I request a refund?
A: Refund requests can be submitted in writing via email, or mailed to the Tacoma office. Please include your name, the event you cannot attend, the reason you cannot attend, and the method of payment.
Refund requests made to program directors, district executives, and other staff members will of course be processed – when they make into the Service Center. It is in YOUR best interest to contact the Tacoma Service Center directly. This eliminates any confusion and/or delays in processing your refund.

Q: Can my refund be credited to my credit/debit card?
YES! That is the quickest and easiest way of processing your refund. If you registered online, the card you used to pay for your registration will be credited. If you registered at one of the Service Centers you may choose your method of refund. Please note we cannot give cash refunds.

Q: Who can I contact if I have questions regarding my refund?
A: Please contact Dianne Rogers, 253-682-2214, for any questions regarding refunds.

Visit the WashJam 2021 Registration website to adjust your youth or adult headcount, and add the names of your Scouts to your unit roster.

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