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The activities at WashJam are organized into ten different areas, each with a Scouting theme. Campers are encouraged to visit each of the program areas, experience the activities, and have fun. Activities listed here are a representation of those held at past WashJams and are subject to change for 2022.

Cub Adventure World
This program area is specifically designed for Cub Scouts and is all about Circus themed adventures 'Under the Big Top', and other exciting themed activities! Cub World 2016 featured a variety of activities including stage shows, backyard games, monkey bridges, bounce house, climbing walls, face painting, prehistoric adventures, space adventures, BB and Archery shooting galleries, and a Western themed town!

And don't forget canoeing on 'Lake Disney', the man-made canoeing lake that is a WashJam signature feature since John Disney created the first one in 1997 from hay bales and a tarp! Cub World is limited to Scouts 10 years and under.

The Land of Adventure
This is the place to be for lots of fun. Cross a monkey bridge or try your hand at a number skill-oriented activities including our climbing walls, skills challenge area, slot car racing and a mini golf course. In the Pioneering yard, build a signal tower, try your skills at the 'Knot Gauntlet', learn to do fly fishing, athletic challenges and a host of other activities. Scouts will have a great time trying out all of the activities in this program area.

Cub Scouts may participate in Scouts BSA activities as appropriate to their age and program level.

Technology Challenge STEM@WashJam
This program area includes technology related elements that make the Scouting program unique in the 21st century. Learn about how a computer works, go on a 5 mile geocache course, watch robotics in action, learn how to do computer programming, try out a Ham Radio, visit science exhibits, emergency preparedness and more.

The Land of Advancement
Advancement skills and merit badges are the focus in the Advancement themed area. Work on a merit badge, take the Trail to First Class, show off the skills you have learned or come learn a skill that will help you get to First Class.

Most merit badges offered at WashJam will give the Scouts an opportunity to get a partial completion. Some require prerequisites to be completed at home before coming. More detailed information is available in the Advancement Program Guide.

Mountain Biking
Mountain biking will provide an exciting off road bicycle experience on the WashJam Mountain Bike Trails. Bring your own mountain bikes for an adventure on the trails.

Survival Challenge
Survival in the woods is the theme of this area. Learn essential skills to survive in the woods, find out about edible plants, learn to build a shelter, make a survival bracelet, find out about wilderness first aid, and the Wilderness Survival merit badge.

If you get lost, we will have a Search and Rescue activity area, where you can learn how to find people in the woods, and work on one of the newest merit badges that made its debut at WashJam 2012: the Search and Rescue merit badge.

Shooting Sports
A favorite among all Scouts, shooting sports teaches safety and responsibility. Teaching Scouts to use the bow and arrow has been an integral part of Scouting from the beginning of the movement.

This program area will offer several activities:
Archery: Open to all participants.
BB Guns: open to all Youth.
Sling Shots
Tomahawk Throwing

Mountain Man Rendezvous Encampment
Go back to the mid 1800s at our Rendezvous Camp. This program area will give a glimpse into how life was in the not so distant past. Learn how to make string from cat tails, beaded chokers and see vintage mountain man artifacts at this program area.

Civil War Reenactors & Roman Legionary Soldiers
Reenactors from the Civil War era and Roman Legion will be on hand to demonstrate life during those periods in history. Get some of your American Heritage merit badge requirements signed off, learn how to march like a Union Soldier, handle a Roman sword & shield, and see how soldiers lived back then.

Aquatics Adventure
WashJam will feature aquatics activities, including canoeing and kayaking on Waughop Lake.