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Our merit badge midway will offer a wide variety of merit badges to choose from, including Environmental Science, Soil and Water Conservation, Nature, Forestry, Geology, Astronomy, Indian Lore, American Heritage, Wilderness Survival, Law, Genealogy, Scouting Heritage, Chess, Radio, Coin Collecting, Photography, Moviemaking, Digital Technology and more.

Most merit badges offered at WashJam will give the Scouts an opportunity to get a partial completion but not complete the badge. Some require prerequisites to be completed at home before coming, or at home after Washjam.

Scouts wishing to get credit for merit badges must bring their own blue cards.

More detailed information will be available in the upcoming Advancement Program Guide. Online signups for merit badge classes (when applicable) will be available shortly.
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The Trail to First Class Area will include activity stations for First Aid, Hiking Rules, the Buddy System, Survival Gear, Extreme Dutch Oven cooking and the '13 Essentials'.

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