Enjoy a few moments from WashJam 2016 - the biggest regional Scouting event in the Pacific Northwest.


WashJam 2020 - Pacific Harbors Council Regional Scout Jamboree

WashJam is a regional Scouting Jamboree for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Scouts BSA for Girls, Venturing and other Girl's outdoor organizations, to be held on August 20 - 23, 2020.

Discounted pricing has been extended, and now ends at 11:59 PM, April 30th, register now to save $5 per person!

WashJam 2020 Registration is NOW Open!

WashJam 2020 is Four Big Events in One:

This colossal event will be a massive regional encampment with Scouts from over 10 different Councils from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Canada and as far away as Utah and Texas. WashJam features 5 themed activity areas with over 100 different Boy Scout and Venturing activities, a huge Cub Scout themed activities area, plus a vendor midway, merit badge midway, two big arena shows, geocaching, Zombie night hike and more.

Registration is NOW Open!

Visit the WashJam 2020 Registration website to register today!

What is WashJam, you ask?

Held once every 4 years, WashJam 2020 will be the biggest Scouting event in the Pacific Northwest, attracting over 5,000 Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, Varsity, Explorers, and Girl Scouts from all around the Pacific Northwest.

WashJam 2020 will be held at JBLM North, Tacoma, WA. Learn More...

WashJam 2020 Sneak Preview Video:

Check out the video below to see what WashJam 2016 was like:

Learn More...

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The WashJam 2020 Leader's Guide is now online! (Updated: 4/5/20)

Current WashJam Registrations as of 3/31/20:

Registrant Type Female Male Unspec.  Total
Child Under Age 6     15 15
Youth Weekend Pass 102 348 404 854
Adult Weekend Pass 2 2 352 356
Cub Family Weekend Pass 60 236 18 314
Staff Registration 20 42 0 62
Total 184 628 789 1601
Councils Attendees
Blue Mountain Council 1
Cascade Pacific Council 132
Chief Seattle Council 384
Girl Scouts of the USA 20
Grand Columbia Council 17
Inland Northwest Council 14
Mount Baker Council 213
Oregon Trail Council 1
Pacific Harbors Council 701
Scouts Canada - Cascadia Council 12
Scouts Canada - Fraser Valley Council 105

WashJam 2020 Registration Chart

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