WashJam 2020 Refunds and Roll Over Requests

WashJam will be held on August 18- 21, 2022

Click to Call: (253) 682-2217

If you have registered for WashJam 2020, and have not yet requested a refund or to roll over your discounted registration fees for WashJam 2021, your registration fees have been rolled over into the WashJam 2022 event.  You need take no further action to remain registered for WashJam 2022.
Fees from WashJam 2020 that are rolled over to WashJam 2022 fall under the Council Refund Policy.

If you are unsure about whether or not you are registered for WashJam 2022, or if you want to request a refund, please contact us, and we'll verify if you are on the 2022 roster.

Thank you.