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Information about the organizers of WashJam, a Regional Scouting Jamboree in Washington State.

WashJam News

2114 People Attended WashJam 2022!

Who went to WashJam 2022? 2,114 Scouts from 4 States and Provinces:

10 Councils
200 Scout Units:
119 Scouts BSA Troops
74 Cub Scout Packs
4 Venture Crews
3 Sea Scout Ships

Matt Wood of Olympic Troop 9112 signed up 17 people to push it over the top, to hit 1,700 a couple of weeks ago!

Derek Linke of Troop 624B of Chief Seattle Council registered 9 Scouts and 2 adults, to surpass the 1,500 mark on June 30, 2022!

Matthew Durkee of Troop 216 and Pack 216 of Selah, WA registered 31 Scouts, Cubs and parents and Troop 1506 of Bremerton, WA registered 22 scouts for WashJam, to surpass the 1,400 mark on June 28, 2022!

As of July 10th, 1,550 people were registered for WashJam, including 162 registering in the last 4 days of Ju... Read More

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About Us

About WashJam

WashJam is a regional Scout Jamboree, held once every 4 years in Lakewood, WA.

Started in 2004 as a joint venture between Pacific Harbors Council and Chief Seattle Council, WashJam has been held every 4 years since; in 2004, 2009, 2012, 2016 and 2022.

WashJam is a regional version of a National Scout Jamboree, attracting Scouts of all ages from around the Pacific Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia, Canada.

The first WashJam took place in 2004, at the JBLM Training center north of American lake, where it remained until 2016. The founders of that first WashJam were Alan Billingsley, Jeff Mann and David Ankemann, who were looking for a 'big' activity for the Scouts to do on the years between National Jamborees, which are held every 4 years.

A smal... Read More

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WashJam News

Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier Declares August 20, 2022 to be 'WashJam Day'!

Boys Scouts of America (BSA) has been serving local youth in the greater Tacoma area since 1919, when Tacoma Rotarians-Tacoma Rotary #8 -- the 8th largest Rotary Club in the world -- raised the funds, acquired land, built an office, and hired a council executive to manage Scouting in our communities; and

Scouting is a family program with age-appropriate programs for both girls and boys ages five to 21 with on-going adult training opportunities, including the worldwide Wood Badge program which has been compared with MBA level college courses that companies and corporations have sent their managers and trainees to; and

Council members are active advocates in providing information and activities to promote the scouting mission and ensure scouting opportunit... Read More

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WashJam Patches

WashJam Patches Over The Years

Here's a collection of WashJam patches from over the years, from 2004 to 2016. How many do YOU have?

Shown here:
WashJam 2004 'first year' pocket patch (Chief Seattle)
WashJam 2009 purple pocket patch (Chief Seattle)
WashJam 2009 logo
WashJam 2012 pocket patch with eagle (John Disney)
WashJam 2012 logo
WashJam 2016 patch collection (John Ohlson)

WashJam 2004 CSP from Pacific Harbors Council
WashJam 2004 CSP from Chief Seattle Council
WashJam 2004 CSP from Grand Columbia Council
WashJam 2004 CSP from Blue Mountain Council
WashJam 2004 CSP from Mt. Baker Council

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What Is WashJam

What is WashJam, and Why Should I Go?

Welcome to the ONLY regional Scout Jamboree in the Pacific Northwest!

We are excited to have members of our Scouting community from Washington, Oregon, Canada, and other states join us for WashJam 2022. The first WashJam was held 15 years ago; and is held only once every 4 years. We are anticipating over 5,000 participants will attend WashJam 2022, making it the biggest Scouting event in Washington State.

Tens of thousands of hours of preparations and effort have gone into the planning and production of this exciting four day event, which started in the fall of 2017.

We hope you will receive a taste of a National Jamboree experience while participating in this awesome event, where you will meet Scouts from as far away as Canada and Oregon. Meet new friends and learn about Sco... Read More

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