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Information about the organizers of WashJam, a Regional Scouting Jamboree in Washington State.

What is WashJam, and Why Should I Go?

Welcome to the ONLY regional Scout Jamboree in the Pacific Northwest!

We are excited to have members of our Scouting community from Washington, Oregon, Canada, and other states join us for WashJam 2022. The first WashJam was held 15 years ago; and is held only once every 4 years. We are anticipating over 5,000 participants will attend WashJam 2022, making it the biggest Scouting event in Washington State.

Tens of thousands of hours of preparations and effort have gone into the planning and production of this exciting four day event, which started in the fall of 2017.

We hope you will receive a taste of a National Jamboree experience while participating in this awesome event, where you will meet Scouts from as far away as Canada and Oregon. Meet new friends and learn about Sco... Read More

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